What is 5 club?

It's a group of hustlers

Normal people don't wake up at 5am. Only people who have a dream to build and are too busy to do it any other time. Once a month we get together to chat. All the other days we just hustle.


How do I join?

You get up at 5am

There is no formal membership. The only way to join is to get up at 5am and start working. Put your excuses to the side and squash the voices that say you can't.


Why an app?

One word: Accountability

It's easy to talk about getting up at 5am. It's another thing to do it and do it consistently. With the app you can't hide it. Either you are or you aren't. The app only allows check-in for one minute a day.

Got some valuable feedback?

I would love to help you however I can. If you have a support issue with some weird bug let me know. If you have a feature request with one of my apps or if you have an app you would like to see me make, let me know.



I’m 30 years old and love my smoking hot wife (Stacy) and my dog (Riggins). I am addicted to creating stuff. I made my first video game when I was 19. Then I went into a career desert. I emerged from the desert 11 years later with my next game. Now I am obsessed with creating fun and helpful software.


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